Sunday, January 8, 2012

Good timing at the horse rescue

The Daisy, more than anything, wanted to go to the nearyby horse rescue to check on the horse we met last summer. Her little brother was acting sicker than he was to thwart the trip but we were on to him and went anyway.
It was perfect timing - there was only one volunteer there and needed help bringing in horses. She remembered The Daisy's ability with horses from six years ago when we adopted two from the rescue so she was comfortable pointing out ones for The Daisy to bring in.
Of course, The Daisy was in heaven! And I found a couple of ponies I told her she had to see.

Here she fends off Albert the goat. This goat is massive and has always been a pest ever since I started going to the rescue about 8 years ago. The Boo is scared of him, rightly so. Albert will headbutt you without conscience.

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