Friday, April 15, 2011

Taking the posse to Keeneland

We as a family love going racing and wanted to share this with our young friends up the road. The best part was that a trainer I knew was running a few horses so I knew that would make it even more fun.

This is trainer Neil Howard's horse heading to post:
Here Neil talks to his assistant trainer Ricky in the saddling area:
Trying to take a nice family photo by the paddock with a tired, hungry 4-year-old. Sigh.
The Daisy got this shot!
I really like this picture of all the kids watching the horses enter the track:
I love these guys!
Ok, be serious:
The Boo was insistant he wear his "tie shirt" to the races so when he put it on, I just envisioned this scene about 15 years from now when he has a beer instead of a Yoo Hoo in his hand!

I don't know where the karate moves came from while he was wearing his "tie shirt."

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