Friday, April 15, 2011


I was dropping off the kids at their dad's work the other week and there was a goose walking in front of the building. The Daisy got out and it started hissing at her so she high-tailed it back to the car.
Now I am scared of birds. Little birds. Little teeny-tiny birds. I don't know why so don't ask me.
So I said,"C'mon, let's walk QUICKLY around these cars for the door. HurryHurryHurry."
I got The Boo inside just in time to hear The Daisy screaming and turned to see the goose flying at her. Then it turns into a horror movie because she FALLS DOWN and the goose is attacking her legs.
Ok, me ... scared of itty-bitty birds must now go get my daughter being attacked by a 20 pound goose. It was flapping and hissing at me as I'm trying to yank The Daisy to her feet and, thankfully, she had a bag of stuffed animals that I hurled and beaned that goose right in the head. It deterred it long enough for us to run inside.
She sported bruises on her legs a few days after that. I think the wildlife department was called and removed the geese.
So today ... there is a goose in front of the building again and the both of us started with palpatations and decided to head to the back door instead. The only interaction we want with geese from now on is on a dinner table.

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