Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Stars, "Horse Show" & money

That's what this week in homeschooling brought.
Our Outdoor Nature Hour was about the moon and the winter sky. Since the past full moon appeared slightly larger than usual due to the closer proximity of its orbit around earth, we were able to talk about the shadows on the moon as we drove home the other night.
I got out our Philip's Planishere, which shows the positions of the stars and constellations for any hour of the year, for The Daisy to find the stars we had just studied (from Orion's belt, Taurus and the Pleides, among others) and she did really well.
In an attempt to be a good and creative homeschooling mom, I've tried playing more games with the kids. The Daisy and I have already gone through "Totally Gross" one entire time and now we're back to her "Horse Show" game. We haven't really yet figured out how to play this so it's still a work in progress, but it's great math practice. And, speaking of which, The Daisy wanted to work on money skills so after she read a section about money in the math notebook, she completed this money math file folder game.

Meanwhile, The Boo worked on his alphabet. We're actually up to J now.

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