Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How to homeschool on a snow day

First, there's time to catch up on all the stuff you plan to do but just never get around to it. The Daisy really needs to work on her spelling so I got her on It was met with a heavy sigh the next day but I sat and did it with her and it seemed to go better.
Then there is the 30-day trial of JumpStart, which both The Daisy and The Boo did for hours. There is actual learning involved - your student has to complete math or language problems in order to earn coins and "buy" things for their JumpStart house and such.For science, I scammed a project off 5 Oranges blog and we worked on "iridescence." Using ice cubes, salt and food coloring, we watched how some colors melded together while others took a little bit of time to do so. The colors also brought out the cracks in the ice, which was pretty cool.
The result was so pretty I just had to put it at the intro to this post!

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