Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rabbit Hash

It was Girls' Day Out and so Brenda chose for us to drive to Rabbit Hash (the "Center of the Universe") to hear a band. I envisioned a quaint building where we could sit at a table, have a beer, listen to some really cool band. This is what I got: an actual honest-to-goodness General Store that was packed to the gills with people and a bluegrass band pickin' away in a corner next to the woodstove.See Leslie with a beer in her hand and we had just GOT there. She apparently knew something I didn't.

Rabbit Hash, for those who may not know, was and is the first municipality to elect a dog as its mayor. We watched a pseudo-documentary later about Rabbit Hash ( and the whole dog-electing business and we should've watched it prior to going. Would've explained a whole lotta things.

The girls got a beer and here I am pretending to be cool with my drink of choice: Starting to reconsider the drink here. I'd had about 5 too many minutes of bluegrass.
Leslie, a big heavy metal fan, was just about to die with the music and so we sat on the porch after awhile. Finally, a sunny day in northern Kentucky! A number of dogs meandered about and, something I didn't know, Leslie is scared of dogs. I'm having a lot of fun at her expense with this picture. It makes me laugh everytime I look at it.

Ok, so here's the I'm-so-cool shot of me with my root beer and now ... candy cigarettes:
Now we come to the I-will-get-you-a-funny-picture-so-help-me-God shot: The things I do for my friends, I tell you.

We wandered around and, of course, had to take pictures with the pig crossing sign:Next came the outhouse pictures: (There ain't enough Purell in the world when using one of those things.)The pickers moved outside and then there was some dancin'. I ran off to go talk on the phone ... way down the road.
No, no, really, I had a LOT of fun with the girls. Later on, back at Brenda's house for the showing of "Rabbit Hash," Jeanette joined us. This has to be one Girls' get together that's going to be hard to top anytime soon.

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