Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Riverbanks Zoo

Great MawMaw always has to take the kids to Riverbanks Zoo when they're around. So this was our last outing before our summer together was over. 

 Cort has a conversation with a baby Galapagos tortoise.
 The giraffe exhibit was my favorite part of the trip.
 Except that Hayes was in a mood

 She wasn't going to give me a smile even for a baby giraffe.

 We always have to visit the statue of Happy the tiger. Happy was the zoo's first tiger ... in fact, I think the zoo happened just because of Happy. She was down at the Exxon car wash for years and my grandmother always took me to see her when I came over on weekends.
 Hard to see this caiman but this is what snapped Hayes out of her mood ... just show her a reptile!

 The zoo wore us out apparently!

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