Sunday, April 21, 2013

Biltmore Estate

My Uncle Dean was scheduled to speak at a conference in North Carolina and he and his wife Melinda planned to drive down to South Carolina to see my grandmother. Well, we kind of took over the trip and told them we would meet them in Asheville so Dean could show Melinda the Biltmore Estate because she'd always wanted to see it.
Before we met them, my grandmother and my Aunt Susan and I walked around Asheville where my grandmother had worked at a radio station and met my grandfather, who was an Asheville native. As we were walking, we came upon The Flat Iron Building, which housed the first radio station my grandfather ever worked. How cool was that?
 The next day, we met Dean and Melinda to tour the Biltmore house. I don't know how many times I've been to Biltmore but I learn something about it every time. At present, I'm reading "The Lady on the Hill" about how the estate was opened to the public to try and help the town during the Depression and help pay taxes on the behemoth. It is a very interesting read!
 What is more amazing is we got this family photo where all of us look pretty decent and not one person has their eyes closed!
 I love the mountains. What I don't love is how I look like a Muppet in this picture.
 Here's my MawMaw!
 In the greenhouse, we came upon this topiary:
 And I found this hat in a size I thought I would always love to have but I couldn't SEE so it stayed at the store.
For some more amazing shots of Biltmore, visit Dean and Melinda's blog:

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