Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas at Great MawMaw's

When we arrived at my grandmother's in Columbia, she had set up a Charlie Brown tree in our room complete with three horses for each of us.
 I love this picture of my babies in front of Great MawMaw's tree.
 Before we left Georgia, my friend, Anne, gave the kids presents. Cort got a gigantic box of Legos. We'll be building for years!
 Hayes got a big horse
 which my dog ReSet did not like at all!
 My best present to Hayes was a Breyer model horse of Bull inthe Heather, one of our favorites at Old Friends Retirement in Kentucky, and a framed photo of Hayes scratching Bully on the withers during one of our visits.

 Very cool lightsaber Cort got!
 And then Hayes checked out 'cause she got a book. I used to do the exact same thing when I got books at Christmas.
 As MawMaw was setting up for lunch, she put out her fruit salad, which is a favorite among our family.
 Cort and cousin Asher got on like a house on fire! Look at that adoration. I love it.

 One of the great things about South Carolina is that it was end of December and we were riding around with the top down on my car. Whee!

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