Monday, December 31, 2012

And then we went to Shadwell Stable

It's hard to visit Columbia without taking the kids to the Camden Training Center. Hayes loves going and Cort has grown to enjoy it as long as there is a barrier between him and ramped up baby Thoroughbreds.
I must find out the name of this filly with the Harry Potter lightning bolt on her nose!

 The kids laughed at me playing with this colt, rubbing his upper gum.
 It made me happy too.
 Cort decided he liked this filly and she stuck her nose through the fence and said,"Hey kid, your jacket looks like it needs a hole in it."
 And then Hayes and this filly fell in love with each other. Whenever Hayes walked around the paddock, the filly followed.

"If you move this board here, and maybe right here, I can come out and play!"

 No kisses!
 I adore my daughter.

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