Friday, October 19, 2012

Meeting Lou Brissie at Old Friends

Since my friend Charlie Pigg's horse, Lou Brissie, has been retired to Old Friends rescue in Kentucky, I took the kids to see him. They were big supporters of L.B. but had never seen him or met him before. We actually waked Lou from his nap:
So here is that handsome boy:
Everytime I've seen Lou, he's tried taking a nip and this time wasn't any different! Charlie told me Lou bit his niece, Ruth, later that day too. That actually made me feel better in a weird way.
Here's my cutie-patootie with Little Silver Charm:
We headed to Creator's paddock. This is where Charlie says he remembers meeting Hayes - that she walked right up and began feeding this stallion, who likes to BITE. He doesn't mess with her.
And as a reward for not trying to bite, Creator was rewarded with getting his itchy spot attended to.

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