Friday, July 22, 2011

Swim training, week 5, or what would have been the week I started making $

We swim out of a hotel pool so we are at the mercy of the hotel management whenever something happens to the pool. The heater broke. We swam in water that was 80 degrees. Optimum temperature is 88 and it gets dangerous for the babies to swim in water so cold. I wore a wetsuit and would lose feeling in my hands and my lips would turn blue after 7 hours in the water.
Nadyne went to the pool on a Monday and the water temperature was 75. We couldn't swim. The hotel manager said he was getting quotes on a heater and should have it replaced within 10 days.

Three weeks went by. No heater. The hotel drained the pool somewhat and filled it with hot water, raising it to 84.

We started back Monday and the water was 79 degrees. Both of us thought we would cry. I went into the maintenance room, found a hose, found a wrench and unscrewed the shower head for bathers. Attached the hose, turned on the hot water full blast. (Nadyne said,"Damn. I need some things done around my house!) After six hours, the pool temp raised a degree. We did this everyday and by Thursday, the pool was actually comfortable.

It was frustrating to lose three weeks when we didn't have to. I would actually be teaching now with my own kids instead of going backwards in my training. Nadyne told me yesterday that I had been right on schedule, if not more, when we stopped. Getting back in this week was like my second week of training - I messed all sorts of stuff up, forgot how to do things.

Most of the kids came back doing pretty well. Their skills hadn't suffered and, in fact, some of them came back a little stronger than when we left.

This coming week, my first baby will be done. I think two of my swim-float-swim kids will be done. But I still have at least two weeks of training to go if I keep on schedule. Then summer will be over and people won't be thinking about swimming lessons anymore.

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