Thursday, May 19, 2011

Unitsi Day weekend

The kids and I went to the Kentucky Horse Park over Mother's Day weekend.
I had put off going because I figured it was nothing more than like hanging out in my backyard, but everyone said to go so we did.
Wish I'd just saved my money. It was like hanging out in my backyard.

But the kids seemed to enjoy it, as much as they could, given they had found out their dad had given away their ponies without telling them and after promising he was going to keep the ponies at the farm. Nice going, putz. So they stood here at the mini pen and cried.
The Boo loved these flowers and wanted a picture next to them. He's so sweet. I love him.

Forego was a horse trained by the late Frank Whiteley Jr., who graciously allowed me to hang around his barn at the Camden Training Center even though he hated reporters. My friend, Bob Witham, used to ride Forego for Mr. Whiteley and the picture everyone wanted after Bob died in a riding accident was that one of him with "Forego" burned into his belt and carrying his tack to take another set out.
And now we get to the goof ball portion of our program:
These are great kids. Every day is Mother's Day with them.

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