Sunday, May 8, 2011

Two kids, two ponies, a minute of sun and a self-timer

The title says it all.
I wanted a family picture and the weather just would not cooperate. My friend Holly agreed to come whenever we wanted but it rained for days.
On the very last available day, the sun peeked out and I hollered for everyone to get ready.
Now, the ponies were not ready. The kids had been brushing them for weeks, trying to get their winter coats off. Tara Jean takes on the appearance of a miniature woolly mammoth. But the rain kept us from being able to attend to the ponies and they were rain-soaked and pitiful looking.
Never the mind ... we had a chance and took it.
And we were lucky to get a couple of really good shots, but this is our Family Picture:
Here the cats want in on the action:
Oops, we're missing the mom in this one.
Ok, over and done and The Daisy takes Hank for a little ride.

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