Friday, February 4, 2011

Homeschooling experiments

The Boo has bugged me for ages to get out a chemistry kit I bought at a homeschool convention a couple of years ago. We pulled it out and The Daisy donned the goggles even though I said I didn't think she needed them.
Our first experiment was distinguishing the pH of different liquids.Then it just became a free-for-all: And somehow The Daisy came up with this blue color:

The kids went over to their friend Shannon's house and this is where The Daisy really gets into the farm work, helping Miss Tracy with their horses and sheep and baby lambs. She was pointing out the ugly lamb to me. Is there such thing as an ugly lamb? So that was the day before when it was snowy out and freezing then it hits Saturday and it's gorgeous so the kids had to roll down the windows and stick their heads out: I can't believe he's only 4:

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