Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Field trip: Western North Carolina Nature Center

This is one of our favorite places in Asheville, N.C. Once I went here for a drum-making class and the wolves howled during part of it. It was SO cool.
So the kids and I stopped in on our way back home from South Carolina as a leg stretcher.
And it was again the wolves that were the most intriguing. At first, they were laying about in the sun then they got up and moved around, nuzzled each other, exhibited wolf behavior.It was our best part of the day.
All of the snakes in the reptile house were very active. The Boo watches a rat snake getting water:Usually bears are out but we couldn't find them. It was actually a little cold for most of the animals so we hung around the farm area - you know, like we can't do this at home.

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