Saturday, November 20, 2010

In and out of Atlanta

In a whirlwind trip this week, the kids and I blew into Atlanta to spend time with some friends and so I could meet my instructor to get certified in infant survival swimming.
The Daisy wanted to visit the horse rescue where we'd gotten three of our horses. Of course, she fell in love immediately with Deja Vu. I, of course, liked this big guy: The Boo found an ally in this donkey: These dwarves are too cute but have deformaties in their feet. These are the kind of horses you let live in the house! While I'm not as freaked out about birds as I used to be ... enough said: The rescue got in this mustang who is extremely distrustful of people; however, it came up to the fence where The Daisy was. If The Boo hadn't run up right before this shot, it would have shown something pretty amazing. This is Bravo, a Shire, 6 now. He is the first horse we started working with at the rescue when he was just a baby.If I'd shown up at the rescue with a horse trailer, Cheryl, the director, would've loaded me up and I would've taken this horse/mule just because I liked her name: Catfish. This picture doesn't do this dessert justice. It was called Mountain High Pie and it was! We demolished it. My well-planned day went haywire pretty quickly and I missed getting to go to dinner with my friends but they waited for me and I was able to join them for coffee. Call this the go-to-bed-at-2am-then-get-up-early-and-drive-9-hours preview shot.

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