Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Homeschool snapshots from November

Some of the hands-on things we've done so far this month:
The Boo worked on small motor skills by matching numbers to dots:
I use a lot of Montessori materials and this was for The Boo to distinguish what didn't belong in the group: Always time for creative play and The Daisy made a huge farm operation in her room: Part of the The Daisy's physics work this year. She was making a crystal solution: Again, for The Boo to make color differentiations. I have thought he's had a hard time with colors but I've concluded he's just messing with me. This was a little hard and he needed some help. Heck, even I needed help. This was Boo's M&M game. I got beat.
Here is some math/grid work for The Daisy. She complains about it.
Well, it's not homeschooling but The Daisy lost a tooth before bed one night:
She wanted to learn sewing so I found a whipstitch project to make a felt leaf. Turns out she wants to make it a flying fish. If she were in school, it wouldn't have been allowed.
More small motor skill work using scissors to cut playdough.

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