Sunday, August 1, 2010

County fair night

I've maintained that nothing beats the South Carolina State Fair in the freak department but I saw some whack jobs when we went to the county fair the other night. Nevertheless, we had a good time, until The Boo had a meltdown.

This seemed to be The Boo's favorite ride and of all the things he could have chosen to ride on, he picked a rooster!
Then it was The Daisy's turn and she had to go on the ThunderBolt by herself. She really was having a good time even though it doesn't look like it here.
And like a good big sister, she hopped on something with The Boo. I think this was after they terrified me by making me go on the ferris wheel She is so beautiful! Then they did the slide:
The Daisy took a last turn on the swings: And The Boo was very unhappy because he was too little to ride the swings. This is major meltdown preview:

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