Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tennessee creek walk at Bruce's

The Daisy requested a visit to our old friend Bruce's for her birthday. Bruce was our neighbor when we lived in Tennessee and he was gracious enough to allow us to bust in on him for a weekend night! After being in the car for many hours, we walked to the creek. See The Boo still in his Super Hero costume?
 We found some saplings chewed by beavers but did not find a dam anywhere nearby.
 So The Daisy grabbed a couple of chewed pieces to take back to her school to show off.
 I'd issued an edict prior to our trip that NO ipods, iphones or computers were to be brought out while we were at Bruce's. And after we were down at the creek for just a little bit, I heard,"This is way more fun than my ipod!"
 The Boo made a collection of old clam shells and his pocket was FULL!
 A lovely waterfall near Bruce's portion of the creek.
 The Daisy with her collection of beaver-stripped sticks!
The kids told me they were disappointed they never go outside like that anymore and enjoyed it far more than playing games on the phone and ipod. It warmed my heart!

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