Sunday, May 27, 2012

Spring Break 2012: Callaway's butterfly house

My intention was to go to the Atlanta steeplechase then go to Callaway Gardens' butterfly house. Little did I know that Georgia has TWO steeplechase tracks and I went in totally the wrong direction for the race. So ... we went to the butterfly house.
That made the trip totally worth it.
The Daisy was entranced.
The Boo immediately got to trying to catch one.
The Daisy easily caught butterflies and it annoyed the Boo ....
until he was able to get one. And it stayed ...
... and stayed ...

The kids decided to forego the birds of prey demonstration to stay in the butterfly house.

Oh my gosh, I love this face!

Then The Boo got his butterfly catching mojo on and got several. What he did after that?

He would give them to someone who didn't have a butterfly - a girl, an old lady, a couple trying to photograph one in particular. The man said to me that spoke volumes as to the character my son has.

There were lots of big koi in this pond and the tiniest turtle. I tried offering The Daisy $5 to go in the yucky pond and get it but she didn't bite.

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