Thursday, August 11, 2011

Swim training: Week 8. Really?!

Yes, my 6-week training has just seen the completion of the 8th week of training. Do we add in the 4 weeks the pool was closed? That spans out to 12. I don't think I'm supposed to count those though.
And, apparently, not done yet. Yes, it's 2 a.m. and I have a bad attitude. It gets checked at the end here.

For the past two weeks, I've been videoed and asked to critique myself. I saw things that needed to be changed. I saw things I did well. I tried to adjust what I needed to this week but it was frustrating. Nadyne will either TELL me what I do (when I'm just about to do it myself) or remain completely quiet. My frustration is apparent on video when I do something wrong or she's telling me what to do.

She asked what I thought of her instructor training and I told her there were holes. She's been doing it 25 years and it's like breathing to her. Check me in a couple of years and maybe I'll be the same way.

Last week I got a long email from her about my lack of progress in training and that I was not ready to teach. I went in asserting that I was getting conflicting information and thought I was doing better on things she pointed out to me. She told me I was wrong and snarked at me for a couple of hours that day. I figured it was going to be a loooooong week.

At the end of last week, she told me I'd "had a good week" and she "should have slapped (me) around earlier." Probably the closest thing to an apology I was going to get.

Between last week and this one, I've had five kids complete the program. Kids I did myself. Total of 7 so far. I think that's a testament that I'm doing okay - I haven't drowned anyone, I haven't traumatized anyone (parents maybe, not kids).

Ok, before I end this rant - and it is just that: a rant - Nadyne told me yesterday that she's giving my training fee back. When her pools open (sometime between October and January)  and I go to work for her, she'll pay me an hourly wage and figure out how she'll return my training fee: whether it's a lump $10,000 if her pool build outs come under budget or spread out over 10 months.

I cried.

On that note I leave you with ... my only baby I've finished came up with hoof and mouth disease today. I had my fingers stuck in her mouth yesterday to burp her after her final test out. I kissed her. And it's a highly contagious disease - one that put Nadyne in the hospital some years ago. So we wait.

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