Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Field trip: Gray Fossil Site

On our travels, we stopped in Gray's Fossil Site in Tennessee. We only had about 45 minutes to tour but it didn't take us even that long. Was kind of a bust, really, as far as field trips go.
It was a good exercise in what The Daisy knows about dinosaurs. And The Boo was right there trying to give information all along too.
The Daisy does some copy work:
Any guesses here?
The answer is, in fact, your mom. I took exception to this part of the exhibit!
The Boo got to make his own dinosaur:
The kids got to try to make dino tracks, which was just an exercise in how to really frustrate a 3-year-old:
And there was the obligatory fossil dig, which was kind of lame:

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